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Corkaine® – Team Color Cork Sets – 2nd Edition – 15 Corks, 1 Cup, and 1 Lid – OPTIONAL

Corkaine® Team Cork Sets2nd Edition – 15 Corks, 1 Cup, and 1 Lid/Spot Marker Included Per Set – Choose Your Color: Green, Purple, White, Orange, and/or Yellow

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Every Corkaine® game set comes with one yellow team cork & cup set and one orange team cork & cup set. However, if you want to play with more players or simply want to play with a different team color, you now have 6 options to choose from which are Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue, or White.

Each set comes with 15 corks, 1 cup, and 1 lid/spot marker.

Expand your Corkaine® possibilities with one or more of these team-color cork & cup sets.

IMPORTANT: These corks, cups, and lids are for the new/upgraded Corkaine® 2nd edition game sets only. These cups will also work for the Corkaine® 1st edition gameboards but the 2nd edition cups are slightly smaller than the Corkaine® 1st edition cups so keep that in mind. The 2nd edition lids also only fit the 2nd edition cups. The upgraded 2nd edition corks are slightly smaller too, but they play very similar to the 1st edition corks and are easier to clean.