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Tossing a cork into the cups on Corkaine gameboard
Corkaine lawn game competition in Denver, Colorado
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Women Celebrating Their Winning Corkaine Cork Toss
High Fives For Winning The Cup
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Playing The Corkaine Game Indoors


Corkaine® is an addicting cork toss game for adults 16+ years or older. You can play Corkaine® as an outdoor lawn game or as an indoor board game, it’s up to you. There are over a dozen (12+) games that you can play with a single Corkaine® game set, so the fun never ends.
Corkaine® is an addicting cork toss game where teams compete to win cups by strategically tossing wine corks into targeted cups on the gameboard. The team who has the most corks in any of the cups on the board at the end of each round wins those cups and then follows the rules of the cups won.
There are 4 main cup colors. Black, Gold, Silver, Red. Each cup color has a different rule attached to it and that rule depends on the game being played. For example, in “Classic Corkaine”, the black cups are what you’re trying to win (your points). Win the other cup colors to steal, rearrange, and/or return the black cups.
The object for every game depends on the game being played. In the game, “Classic Corkaine”, the object of the game is to win and stack more black cups than the opposing team. The game ends once all of the black cups are won off of the gameboard and the team with the most black cups stacked at that time, wins!
Number of Players: 2 – 4
Two Teams (Team Yellow vs Team Orange) with 1-2 Players Per Team
Optional: up to 12 players (6 teams) can play at a time with the purchase of the green, purple, blue, or white team cork sets.
Recommended Age: 16 – 100
Corkaine is a game that requires skill, strategy, and determination to win. The recommended age to play is 16 – 100 so don’t be afraid to challenge the whole family. Just don’t underestimate Grandma though…she just might be able to toss corks better than you.
Is Corkaine a Drinking Game?
No. Corkaine is not a drinking game. Our slogan is “Get Addicted To A Better Game“. We are on a mission to get people addicted to breaking bad habits and replacing them with good habits…like playing fun and inclusive games socially with friends & family in person.

Play Classic Corkaine™ first. Then move on to play and master games like:



To play Corkaine®, you first need to pick the Corkaine® game that you want to play. After that, simply add the cups to the gameboard according to the pattern shown for the game you’re playing. Then read the rules for that game carefully. Once you do that, you’re ready to begin gameplay!


If you’re new to Corkaine®, we highly recommend starting with the Corkaine® game Classic Corkaine™. It’s our most popular game and it is a ton of fun!

However, if you find Classic Corkaine™ intimidating or you just want to play something super simple, try playing our easiest-to-learn game, Blackout


To set up your Corkaine game set, simply insert the legs into your gameboard and then insert the cups onto your gameboard according to the pattern listed for the game you’re playing. 

After that, follow the instructions carefully of the game you’re playing and then begin gameplay.

Playing The Cork Toss Game Corkaine In Action

EXAMPLE: If you pick the game Classic Corkaine to play, you will see that the rules for this game require you to first place the gameboard in the middle of the area where you want to play. After that, you will then need to take 5 steps away (heel to toe) from the base of your gameboard and place down your lid. This is your spot market from where you will shoot your corks from. You will need to do this same thing from the opposite side of your gameboard and place down the other spot marker. Teams will line up behind these spot markers and then begin gameplay. 

Note: all players are encouraged to increase or decrease the number of steps away from the gameboard where spot markets are placed so that it reflects the skill levels of all players.


POINT #1 – THE OBJECT OF THE GAME – The goal for most games is to WIN THE CUP and FOLLOW THE RULES of that cup’s color. The team with the most corks in any one cup at the end of a round wins that cup. Each Corkaine® game has a different objective associated with it, so make sure that you learn the rules and the objective of the game that you’re playing. The first team to win the objective of the game being played wins that game!
POINT #2 – WHO GOES FIRST – To determine which team goes first, it’s up to you. We recommend a game of rock, paper, scissors (old school). The winner of that will go first in the first round, go second in the next round, and then will go first in the round after that. Teams will alternate who goes first at the beginning of each round.
POINT #3 – CUPS ARE WON AT THE END OF EACH ROUND – For each game, teams take turns shooting their team’s corks into their targeted cups on the board until they have shot all of their corks at which time the round ends. At the end of each round, the team with the most corks in any one cup, wins that cup, and then follows the rules of that cup’s color. Note: only 1 player shoots at a time. Players take turns shooting in a clockwise manner unless noted differently on individual game instructions.
POINT #4 – ONLY THE BLACK CUPS COME OFF OF THE BOARD – Only the Black cups (your points) are removed off of the board for most games. The Gold, Silver, and Red cups almost always stay on the board unless noted differently on individual game instructions.
POINT #5 – THE ORDER OF THE CUPS – After every round, teams MUST analyze the winning cup colors in the following order: BLACK, GOLD, RED, and then SILVER. Following this cup order allows for smooth gameplay. To help you remember the cup order, we like to think of the word BOOGERS (BGRS) so that your gameplay doesn’t get stuck…like a booger!
POINT #6 – PLAY DEFENSE – You can play defense on most games by shooting a cork in a cup that already has an opponent’s cork in it to cancel it out. That way the cup is neutralized and no team wins the cup at the end of the round if each team has the same amount of corks in the cup as the opposing team.
POINT #7 – TIE-BREAKER RULES – If any game results in a tie, then the tie-breaker rules apply and ALL of the cups come off of the board and a single cup (any color) gets placed in the middle of the board. Teams then shoot all 10 of their corks to try and win that cup. After all of the corks are shot, the team with the most corks in that cup wins the game.