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Our Name and Slogan


Q: The name Corkaine sounds similar to the word cocaine. Why?
A: We chose the name Corkaine because our game is played with “corks”, it’s an addicting game, and the name fits perfectly with our mission. Our mission is to get people addicted to spending more time with each other in person playing games instead of spending time getting addicted to bad habits. Our game and name is also on a mission to help bring self-awareness to addictions in general. However, it troubles us to have to state the obvious but we don’t support cocaine. Our name is cork-aine not cocaine. We have to state this fact for those who are easily offended which seems to be a common theme these days. There is a big soda company whose name is similar to the word cocaine too and they obviously do not support cocaine either. That’s ridiculous.

Q: What do you mean by your slogan, “get addicted to a better game”?
A: We believe that Corkaine is a better game than most lawn games on the market today. When we play better games, we all spend more time together playing those games and that’s addicting. This is the same reason that basketball is more popular than bowling…it’s just a better game. Note: For all of you bowling fanatics out there….we actually like bowling. We just used bowling as an example to make a point.

Q: Why do you say that Corkaine is a better game? Are you arrogant?
A: We don‘t think so. We put a lot of work into our game to make it a better game from the very beginning in efforts to get more people to spend more time with each other.

Here are 4 reasons why Corkaine is a better game:

1. You can currently play over a dozen different games (and growing) on a single Corkaine set. This means that people playing won’t get bored playing Corkaine like they do with other games on the market.

2. Corkaine is light, portable, and easy to set up by just about anybody.

3. You can play Corkaine just about anywhere (outdoors & indoors). All you need is an 8’ by 2’ space (at a minimum) to play Corkaine.

4. Corkaine is a community involvement game that keeps growing. We have over a dozen games that you can play already, but there will be a lot more in the near future with your help. You can invent the next Corkaine game to be played and challenge others to play. If your invented game is a success, we will add your game to, let you name it, and give you the credit for inventing it. We will also enter your game into our annual community game contest where Corkaine players vote on their favorite community game of the year.

Did you come up with a new game to be played? If so, #corkaine on social media with your pictures and/or video and explain to everyone how you play it.