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Our Ambassador Program

Do you want to join the Corkaine family? We are looking for ambassadors to shoot thousands of corks with other people that have not shot a cork into a cup ever in their lifetime.

Is this you?
We are looking for extroverted, energetic, positive, and authentic people to continue to expand Corkaine into their communities and support our overall mission to encourage people to spend more time with each other playing games.

As a Corkaine ambassador, you will be faced with grueling expectations such as:

1) Promote Corkaine at venues, parks, festivals, BBQ’s, tailgating functions, birthday parties, etc. Basically, we are asking you to play an amazing game in lots of social settings so new people play and understand Corkaine and get enthused at it as much as you are.

2) Support Corkaine’s social media platforms.

3) Travel to events in your city and state that you have an interest in being at to promote Corkaine, such as universities, beaches, parties, parks, game nights etc.

4) Be flexible and dependable. If a really amazing event comes up on short notice that you think Corkaine should be at, do you think you could muscle up the energy to attend it?

5) Host tournaments and pick-up games at local parks, breweries, parties, etc.

6) Already have a main stream of income. We are a new startup so we can’t afford to pay you as a full-time employee right now (hopefully that changes soon) and you still need to pay your bills. This is why we require that you already have a main stream of income so that you’re not stressed about paying your bills while doing any ambassador work.

7) And probably the biggest expectation, don’t be a mean person. Have fun at events, talk to people, engage with them, answer their questions, and be yourself.   

As a Corkaine ambassador, you will enjoy Ambassador perks:

1) Receive a game set to prove yourself ambassador worthy and Corkaine discounts to other new products before anyone else.

2) Have your name and bio listed on our “Meet the Team” page.

3) Be given free Corkaine swag to use at your events.

4) Get free access to events throughout the country that we are supporting.

5) Have opportunities to support social causes that affect millions of people.

6) Play games with awesome people from all over the world.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please contact us and in the message box, please:

  • Include URLs to your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn)
  • A short bio of yourself.
  • Tell us why you would be good fit for our ambassador program.