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Have you ever wondered why parks are some of the best places to play outdoor games or why bar games are both indoor games and outdoor games? We are here to tell you the top 10 best places to play both indoor games and outdoor games. 


Your Neighborhood Park gives you green grass, picnic tables, and loads of room to sprawl out. It is because of the ample amount of room that allows group games and outdoor games to dominate this space. The game choices are endless. Corkaine, Volleyball, Spikeball, Kanjam, Bocce Ball, Cricket, Kickball, but also a number of traditional indoor games such as card games, dice games, or classic dominoes.


The benefits of playing indoor games or outdoor games at your friend’s house are that it is like a mini vacation. You get offered snacks, drinks, entertainment…what more do you need.  A friend’s house is your playground. Play any game imaginable. You want to play bar games like darts, go for it. How about group games, play Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, or Corkaine. If it is warm and sunny out and you all are throwing a bbq, play a lawn game like Corkaine or Cornhole. If you all are reliving the college days and feel like getting down into some house party games, play beer pong or flippy cup. The possibilities are endless for indoor games or outdoor games at your friend’s house. 


If you have a beach near you, more power to you. Beaches are great places to go to play group games and famous beach games. There is nothing quite like sinking your feet into the soft, warm sand and jumping straight up to spike a volleyball for game point. Beach volleyball, Spikeball, Corkaine, and Badminton are our favorite beach games to play. If you are looking for something a little more shaded with a big beach umbrella over you while you sip on an ice-cold Corona, try playing Cribbage or Rummy 500. 


Ahhhh, a favorite gathering spot among many. You can always go solo to a brewery and relax while chatting it up with the brewer or bartender, but to make the experience just a bit more fun, invite 3 friends with you and grab a booth and play some indoor games. Extremely popular bar games can range from dominoes, billiards, Jenga, board games, and any sort of card game imaginable. If you live in a sunny city, it is likely that the brewery has some outdoor games for you to play with on the patio like Cornhole or you could bring your own Corkaine set to play as well.


The warm, cozy, vibrant atmosphere that coffee shops offer us is on point. Delicious coffee aromas surround us, creatives doing work, art is hanging on the walls, and good conversation is happening all around us. Indoor games are a perfect spot for coffee shops and you regularly will see people playing them. 


Colleges and universities around the world exude youth and fun. The quads and picnic areas are groomed nicely allowing you to pick a spot, set up shop, and relax. Friends are reading, study groups are held outside, but also group games too and gaming events. Outdoor games on a sunny quad, yes, please. Maybe you want to show off your bocce ball skills; maybe you are playing Corkaine on the quad because your cornhole set is too heavy to lug around; maybe you are throwing the football around, or maybe you a doing a group yoga session. It is all a good time. Plus, you might meet a cute girl or guy that becomes your college sweetheart and you become married and have the best life ever because you all decided to play some outdoor games on the university campus. 


Campgrounds equal fresh air. Sometimes the simplest destinations offer the most value. Have you ever gotten 10+ friends together to go car camping? What is car camping you might ask? It is when you get your best friends together and everyone invites their other friends and you spend a weekend in some majestic spot near a national forest, a beach, wherever. Everyone brings a tent, you make huge bonfires, you roast marshmallows, and you play outdoor games all day and all night long. Here are the Top 5 camping games you should bring on your next car camping trip. 

  1. Corkaine – portable yard game, many people can play one time, and countless games to play.
  2. Cornhole – it is ok that it weighs a million pounds because you are throwing that sucker in your trunk and are not carrying it. 
  3. Bocce Ball – It is fun to play with obstacles surrounding your campsite. 
  4. Ladder toss – Pretty classic, easy to set up and everyone knows how to play.
  5. Catch Phrase – No brainer. 


Tailgating is probably the most energetic, friendly/competitive environment you can find. Everyone is there to enjoy the camaraderie of their sports teams. Huge grill outs happen, beers are shared, and outdoor games are played. Your sports teams logo is on everything you can think of. Cornhole sets are branded with the colors of the team, jerseys are worn with your favorite player’s number, cars are wrapped in the team’s logo, koozies, etc. We have found that cornhole is a top tailgating game, followed by Corkaine, and ladder toss. 


Playing indoor games and offering entertainment is offered by many employers nowadays. It allows employees to de-stress, socialize with their co-workers, and have fun while at work. Most games offered inside the office are group games because employers know it is good for their employees to talk and get to know others in the workplace. Ping pong and foosball are top winners at the office, but other games that make an appearance are portable indoor basketball shooting games, Corkaine, and big puzzles for employees to participate in.


We cannot forget about our own backyard. Backyard games are a staple in family lives, barbeques, weddings, family reunions, work parties, house parties, college parties, engagement parties, holiday parties, and 4th of July celebrations. Basically, if you have a backyard you should have some games to go along with it. The list can go on and on. Cornhole, Volleyball, Corkaine, Bocce Ball, Huge Connect 4, Board Games, Beer Pong, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Badminton, Croquet, Horseshoes, Kubb, Kanjam, Ladderball, Washer Toos Game, Frisbee, Capture the Flag, Pickle Ball, and lots more. These are just a few.