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The Facts About Corkaine VS. Other Outdoor Games


We are here today to give you the rundown of why and how Corkaine is different from the other outdoor games that people play today. These other lawn games are definitely fun games and some are classic party games, but Corkaine is different, and here is why. 


Weirdly enough, both of these games have 8 letters in the name, but that is about all. Here are some facts about Corkaine and Cornhole. 

In conclusion, Corkaine and Cornhole are some of the best games for outdoor games. Corkaine offers a lot of flexibility for gameplay, allows more players to be involved in the game, is very portable and light in weight, and anyone can play it. Cornhole can be heavy and a little cumbersome to carry, is a tad repetitive with only one kind of gameplay, but nevertheless is still an extremely fun lawn game to play and may outlive the days of time. 

Corkaine also has a game style called Cornhole/ Corkhole, where players play Cornhole on a Corkaine game set. Check out the games tab on the website to learn the rules. 

We love all the games and still play Cornhole all the time. It is a staple at our barbeques along with games like Kanjam, Bocce Ball, and Spikeball. Outdoor games are simply the best when it comes to hanging out with your friends and family. 


Oddly enough, these party games also have 8 letters but are quite different. Here are some facts about Corkaine and Beer Pong. 

Here is the truth…Corkaine and Beer Pong shoot small objects into cups, great for hand-eye coordination, and being able to make the last cup is an important skill to have when playing both, but besides that, not much else. Corkaine allows for more people to play the game in almost any setting. Corkaine allows for extremely fun gameplay without the unexpected throwup from a teammate or opponent onto the gameboard (or Beer Pong table). Beer Pong is a game for the youth. It is an extreme party game where girls and guys battle it out to see who can ultimately drink the most beer without knocking down their six to ten cup pyramid. We like to think Corkaine is a little more sophisticated that can be played by people who don’t drink beer. Check out the games tab. It does offer some pretty fun house rules if you start adding in the gold, silver, or red cups to your pong play.


Finally, Corkaine with 8 letters and Spikeball with 9. Now let’s get on with it. These games are very opposite to each other. Here are the facts. 

Corkaine and Spikeball are probably the most opposite lawn games out of the three mentioned (Cornhole, Beer Pong, Spikeball). When playing Corkaine, you are strategizing on what cups to double up on, cups to make to cancel your opponent’s shots, and gold cups to make to steal cups from your opponent’s stash. In Spikeball, I see people diving all over the place when playing and my only hope is that the grounds have been checked for dog poop. 

All in all, all these games are wonderful. Whether you play Corkaine, Cornhole, Spikeball, Beer Pong, Bocce Ball, Kanjam, Washers, Volleyball, etc., you are winning. When playing yard games, you are with friends and family; laughing, partying and creating awesome memories. We invite you to keep having social gatherings to create more memories with your friends and family. Happy Summer everyone. 


The Corkaine Team