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According to the dictionary, a party is “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment”. Yes, we highlighted guests because a party is a group function. This isn’t your solo party where you sit alone and binge watch Netflix. We are talking about lots of people, lots of foods, drinks, laughter, and probably some shenanigans. So as the host, you must be prepared to entertain your guests and show them the best damn party that has been. 

To have a successful party, you must have the essentials; food, drinks, and entertainment. Food and drinks are easy to come by, but what about entertainment? It depends on the party I suppose. Will it be a kids birthday party? Will it be a college graduation party? An engagement party? A wedding reception party? One thing is for certain that games must exist at any of these parties but which ones. Here are a few criteria that you should think about when deciding upon which games to involve at your party. 

As we see above, this party is outdoors, a younger crowd (20’s & 30’s) and there is a ton of people. Personally, this party looks fantastic and I wish I was there right now. 


When it comes to group games, some games are better than others for large group parties. It is sometimes tricky to find kids games and party games that fit both groups. Corkaine does this. It is a perfect kids game where kids can literally shoot corks for hours and stay entertained (the game literally doubles as a babysitter). Adults can play the strategy games offered by Corkaine that last anywhere from 5-minute to 25-minute multiplayer games. It also fits as a wine game as the 30-piece cork set that comes with every game set is what players use to play the game with. 

Let’s take a closer look at games that adults can play with a Corkaine game set. All 12 games Corkaine offers are party games. They can be played with 2 people to 8 people. This allows the usual 4 person outdoor game like Cornhole or Ladder toss to double when playing Corkaine. Corkaine can also be played as an indoor game in case your party gets rained on. Corkaine is a perfect family party game if your party destination is in someone’s else backyard as all the pieces fit inside the carrying bag and the whole game weighs around 8 pounds…easy enough for your son or daughter to help carry it. Corkaine is such a versatile group game and can be played just about anywhere. 

So remember to bring the Corkaine to your next party. It will not disappoint.