History of Corkaine

Corkaine was born in Denver, Colorado from co-founders Drew Restivo and Keith Kralik. Drew and Keith met in Denver during a volleyball get together with friends and family. They had a lot in common from the very beginning and both were serial entrepreneurs looking for a new start that focused on something real and making a positive difference. Drew and Keith hung out a lot after that volleyball game and became good friends and started working on their goal of creating a business venture that had meaning and that would fix a real world problem. This is the day that Birdwig LLC was created. 

Birdwig History - Our History Of Playing Fun Yard GamesOnce Birdwig was created, it was time to get to get to work. It was easy to make a list of problems to solve, but solving those problems that were initially listed weren't realistic for their current situations, so they decided to look at problems that they personally had to face daily and had a better chance at solving. After about a couple of weeks of good conversations, they both agreed that they weren't spending nearly enough time with their friends and family as much as they used to. Sure, they spent time on social media, they sent out more than their fair share of text messages, and they had the occasional random get togethers, but it wasn't the same as it was just a few years ago when everyone wasn't addicted to being online. It seemed to them that the only times that they got together often was when there was some type of special event that was going on or when they got together to play games (basketball, football, volleyball, cornhole, board games, etc). That's when it dawned on them. If they wanted to have more get togethers and spend more time with their friends and family, they needed to create a game that everyone would want to play. This game had to be versatile so that it would keep everyone entertained. This game had to be light and easy to transport and easy to set up. This game had to be better than other games. 

Wine Cork Cylinder Drew and Keith talked about this for months and went over various game ideas. There were a lot of good game ideas that were brought up, but those game ideas were too simple, too complicated, or just average and they wanted to create a better game that almost everyone could play. Then one night, Drew invited Keith over to the house to hang out and collaborate on more game ideas. During the brainstorming session, Drew opened up a bottle of wine (wine seems to always help with brainstorming said Drew) and that's when Drew's son, Damion, took the wine cork from the bottle of wine that was opened and shot it at a glass cylinder where Drew and his wife Brandi held all of their old wine corks from previous wine bottles. Damion did not make the cork into the glass cylinder on his first attempt, but on his second attempt he nailed it! The excitement in the room grew instantly. Drew and Keith immediately wanted to try shooting the cork too, so Damion went and grabbed about 15 corks or so and they all started shooting the corks into the glass cylinder. That's when Drew and Keith had an epiphany...shooting wine corks in cylinders is so much fun that a game has to be made from this idea. Here is a picture of their actual glass cylinder where they stored their used wine corks. 

After 18+ months and over 30 different prototypes, Corkaine is now ready for you to play and we are one step closer to our mission of getting people together in person more often to play better games. 

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